Two Pair - has 2 pairs in a hand and one unmarked card. For example you have 2,2,5,5,King. If 2 hands has a 2 pair the highest pair cards wins the hand. If 2 players have the same highest pair then it goes to the second pair, if that pair is the same for both pairs then the highest unmatched card is the winner. cheat poker

One Pair - consists of a hand with one pair with 3 unmatched cards. Higher ranking pair will beat a lower ranking pair. If 2 hands have the same ranking of their pair the winner is decided on the kicker cards depending who has the highest card. marked poker

High Card - is a hand sometimes called ‘no pair' or ‘nothing'. This hand has no sequential cards and no pairs of different suits. If 2 players have a high card hand the highest ‘high card' wins the hand. If these cards are the same it carries on down the line to see who has the winning hand.

Legislation to regulate and tax Internet poker should be passed, instead of trying to ban it all together. In these times of crushing federal deficits, a few billion dollars in new tax revenues would be helpful to the government.